Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cober Ord - Le Revers Du Soleil c50

Cober Ord - Le Revers du Soleil

In the day of the Lunar eclipse we bring you the debut album of the mysterious project. Shadows and shapes from the deep and unknown corners of the cloth of being. Aroused by the primordial pulse of millennial ritual. Hum of forest thickets and call of deep caves, echoing with hundreds of votes subconscious. Inner rivers flow reverse the sun. Outhuman perceptual experience through the prism of animism. (description written by Nomos Dei where the CD version of this album is available)

Le Revers Du Soleil contains approximately 50 minutes of material with the cassette version being limited to 150 copies and is housed in a 4 color screen printed brad pack with lino cut printing on the cassette shell.

available at

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fire In The Head "History of Obsession" CD

After a 3 year hiatus on the project Mike Page comes back with a new FITH full length. History of Obsession is just under 50 mins of bleak power electronics. Get a taste of the oppression and check out the video for "One More Delusion"

available in the phage tapes store

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New releases and Phage store

5 new tapes and a new CD all available at the Phage Tapes store

PT:201 Eiko Ishibashi + K2 "Compressed Happiness" CD

 PT:209 Brandkommando "Two Sides of Violence" c36

 PT:193 Richard Ramirez "Private Lowlife" c20

PT:187 Actuary / Demonologists c40

PT:181 Streetmeat / Baculum 2xc10

PT:164 Nightmare Task Force / Knife Attack c45

Monday, March 10, 2014

Regosphere Xiphoid Dementia split CD

PT:208 Regosphere / Xiphoid Dementia "Subterranean Transmigration" CD

On this split release, REGOSPHERE and XIPHOID DEMENTIA take a joint exploration of remote territories; lowering the listener into deep, cavernous tonal atmospheres, as finely tuned deathindustrial synth drones blaze a harrowing sonic journey across desolate, frozen psychological landscapes (co-released with Annihilvs)

Edition of 500 copies.
10$ in the US, 13$ in the rest of NA, 16$ worldwide.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Noise Cassettes!

It seems like I haven’t released any cassettes in ages.  So here is a new batch noise tapes.  I plan on shifting my focus back to cassettes for a while but I had a deck crap out on me and I have to redub a bunch of tapes. 

PT:179 Kay Lawrence "Carrying Her Thighs, Her Back" c30
Militant HNW project comprised of The Rita and Alo Girl.  Carrying... is full of thick crackly wall noise similar to the 12" on Urashima.
Limited to 100 copies in screen printed brad pack.

PT:191 J. Peterson “untitled (version 1)” 2x c60
Rerelease of a self released double cassette.  11 tracks of harsh noise.  There are two versions of the self titled double cassette that contain different material, the second will be available soon.
Limited to 50 copies in plastic library style cases with screen printed art.

PT:204 Shadowmass "Shadowmass" c34
Debut release under this moniker for a long time Minneapolis noiser.  Shadowmass is a dark industrial project that incorporates guitars synths and noisey elements.
Limited to 100 copies in screen printed brad pack.

PT:205 Thirteen Fingers "Pater Mortuus" c32
I'm a long time fan of Thirteen Fingers and am very pleased he is recording material again.  This cassette contains six tracks of classic American style pedal noise with a healthy dose of synth mixed in. 
Limited to 100 copies in norelco cases.

PT:210 Downcasts "Necklace" c24
Debut release for Downcasts, a collaboration of Kazuma Kubota and Hakobune.  The material on Necklace is more reminiscent of Hakobunes work and is well crafted ambient soundscapes.
Limited to 100 copies in screen printed brad pack.

Single cassettes are 7$ each in the US, 11$ the rest of NA and 15$ worldwide.
The double cassette is 10$ in the US, 14$ the rest of NA and 18$ worldwide.
All five releases for 30$ in the US, 34$ the rest of NA and 40$ worldwide.

Upcoming tapes include.  Actuary/Demonologists, Richard Ramirez, Nightmare Task Force/Knife Attack, Folter/White Plague, Brandkommando, Huren Aquarium, White Gimp Mask/Baculum

Paypal/Contact :
Instagram: @samstoxen #phagetapes
Facebook: Phage Tapes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prostate CD, Mania + Hal Hutchinson CD

PT:206 Mania + Hal Hutchinson "Wreckage" CD
rerelease of the cassette "Kollaborative Wreckage" released on Savage Discharge in an edition of 50.  Wreckage includes the 30 minutes of collaborative material from the tape plus and extra 11 mins of unreleased solo Mania material and 15 mins of unreleased solo Hal Hutchinson material.   Wreckage sound wise is a mix of acoustic metal noises, synth squeals and high pitched feedback.  if you have heard any of either projects recent releases you know what to expect. 

the CD is in an edition of 500 copies in jewel cases with collage art by Mania.
If you live in Europe and you want to save on shipping contact Hal Hutchinson.  he will have copies very soon.

PT:207 Prostate "RIP VIP" CD
this is Prostates debut album, which took three years to get to a point they were happy with.  Prostate is a minneapolis industrial band with heavy synth beats, distorted vocals and two live drummers.  think skinny puppy with test department metal and junk drumming.  Prostate has been playing tons of shows locally and recently played a fest with Youth Code.

this disc contains 51 mins of material.   you can check out two of the tracks on their soundcloud page.

Each CD is 12$ in the US, 15$ in the rest of NA and 18$ worldwide
Both CDs for 18$ in the US, 21$ in the rest of NA and 24$ worldwide