Out Of Print

PT01 Suburbia Melting "More Metal Than Man" c30
PT02 Wether "mid-night jam" c30
PT03 King Wheat "Rita's Digest/Personal Belongings" c20
PT04 Body Collector/Droughter -split 2x3" cdr
PT05 Envenomist/ Fences split 2x3" cdr 
PT06 IS/Circuit Wound -split 2x 3" cdr 
PT07 Green Mist cs - was never released.
PT08 I Am Seamonster "The Numbing/Scene From a Psychosis" c20
PT10 Vestigial Limb "Plebian Way of Death" c20
PT11 Mystified "Cobweb Kingdom" -5"cdr
PT12 Crash at Every Speed "Forecast" c20
PT13 Flea Apparitions "Worm Form" 2xc20
PT14 Josh Lay "Flesh Kingdom" c20
PT15 Flatgrey/Haemorrhaging Fetus/Ichorous/RyanBloomersplit 2xc30
PT16 Poison Light/A Snake In The Garden split c40
PT17 D/A A/D "city living is a fuck" c30
PT18 Lord Bird/ I/C/O/C split c40 
PT19 Mystified/Tree Helicopter split 5"cdr
PT20 Baculum "Wood" 3"cdr
PT21 Taskmaster/Paranoid Time/Human Teratogen/Baculum 4way split 2xc30
PT22 Kenji Siratori "Sound Malformation" 5" cdr
PT23 Robe. "Tragedies" 5" cdr
PT24 Earhate/Cookie split c30
PT25 Baculum 4xc20,2xc30
PT26 Regosphere/Aquilae1905 split c20
PT27 Nocturnal Life "The Ocean" 3"cdr 
PT28 Teeth Collection & Plasmic Formations / Phosphene Form split c62
PT29 I Died "Quantum Mines" c20 
PT30 White Torture "Braindead" 3" cdr
PT31 Red Needled Sea "Flowers To The Dead" c30
PT32 Lngtche "Recordings for Osip Mandelstam" 5" cdr
PT33 Ikteka "Decayed Body Pit" 3" cdr
PT34 The Slasher is the Sex Maniac "The Babysitter Just Sits and Laughs" 5" cdr
PT35 Mutant Sex Qaurtet "Chapter Eight" c90
PT36 Aleph Naught "Death Ritual III" one sided c30
PT37 Willful "Reverse/Restraint" 2xc20
PT38 Knife Attack "Quarter Turn" c62
PT39 Thirteen Fingers/Grizzlor/Mike Payne/Baculum 4x5"cdr
PT40 POTR 2xc10
PT41...Massacre "Sorority House Massacre" c20
PT42 Selymes Viragszirom/ P*rcl.spn split c24 
PT43 Indch Libertine/...Massacre split c30
PT44 An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter/ Non Ho Sonno "Cut From Left To Right" split c20
PT45 White Plague "Decimation of Humanity" c40
PT46 Cracked Dome/ Bachir Gemayel c20
PT47 Willful/Baculum/Wince/Grain Belt 4way split 2xc15
PT48 Knife Attack "Watching You From Afar" 2x5"cdr
PT49 Mutant Ape/ Karst split c62
PT50 Vomir "No Content" 4xc62 +patch

PT51 Baculum "Plight of the Narcissist" 3xcs
PT52 Forced Orgasm/...Massacre/Earhate/I Spit On Your Grave 4way split 2xc40 + patch
PT53 RU-486 "Grime" c10
PT54 I Spit On Your Grave/ Baculum "Call For Help" split c30
PT55 Karst "No Prose" 5"cdr
PT56 Wapstan "Wild Stars and Fighting Saints" c30 
PT58 Bleak Existence/Cannibal Ritual/White Plague "HNW pt1" 3xc62+patch
PT59 Neckhold "Methylated Spirits" c20
PT61 Nurse Unit 4xcs + patch
PT62 Wallkeeper/ White Plague 2x5"
PT63 Ikteka "Scenes of Gore" c62 
PT64 MX Nihil "Slowly Decaying Or Utter Widening Of Scraps" c20 
PT65 Invertebrate "Extermination Procedure" c20
PT66 White Torture "The Shower Murders" c30
PT67 Andreas Brandal "Blood Will Pour Out Into The Dust" c20
PT68 Culver "The Whipand The Body" c40
PT69 Knife Attack "Killing Ghosts In The Night" c45
PT70 Sisters of Death "Initiation" c20
PT71 Persistence In Mourning/Koufar c42
PT72 Rack / Sjalvhat split c45 
PT73 Fungal God/ Disthroned Agony c30
PT74 Werewolf Jerusalem/ The Slasher is the Sex Maniac "Among the Killing" c45
PT75 Mind Movies / Bachir Gemayel "Bullets" c20
PT76 An Innocent Young Throat Cutter/...Massacre 10" lathe
PT77 Ryan Bloomer "Bully Hiss" c30
PT78 Is "Compossibility" 2xc40
PT79 Infirmary/Slates/A View From Nihil 3xc45
PT80 The Vomit Arsonist/Wince/Peter J Woods 3xc20
PT81 Willful/White Torture/Baculum "The Horror"12xc10
PT82 Baculum "Debris" c24 
PT83 Self Inflicted Violence " You Give Your Life Away To A Function That Doesn't Interest You" c40
PT84 Toby Dammit/POTR split c50
PT86 Placenta Lyposuction "Concrete Death" c40 
PT87 Foul "Naturan Demanto" 3"cdr
PT88 North Korea 2xc40  
PT89 Namazu Dantai "Winter Assault" c40
PT90 Willful/Baculum "Metal" c20
PT91 Knurl "Thiocarbamide" CD
PT92 Namazu Dantai/Baculum split c40
PT93 Alo Girl "The Autoerotic Odyssey" c10
PT95 Corpse Candle "Swamp Curse" c40
PT96 Pusdrainer "Fixate" c62 
PT98 Heavy Focus Comp 2xCDr
PT99 Grain Belt "Grain Belt" CD
PT100 Climax Denial/ Discordance /Human Larvae /Moribund /Sewer Goddess/ Sharpwaist 6xc10

PT101 Foul/ Cannibal Ritual c62 
PT103 The Cracked Mirror "Damage" c4o
PT105 Content Nullity "Absolute Dread" c30
PT108 Breaking The Will/Baculum 2xc10 
PT109 Ilsa 4xc90
PT111 Mutant Ape "Winter Recordings" c60 
PT114 Murderous Vision/ Nyodene D "Kirkebrennen" c30
PT115 Bachir Gemayel/Breaking The Will c20
PT117 Four Flies "Choking on your own spit and blood" c30 
PT118 Nyodene D "Pogrom" c30 
PT119 A View From Nihil/ TFT c7o
PT125 Oscillating Innards "Irretrievable: MMII-MMVIII" c75+c80
PT126 Custodian "The Weight of Tension" c20
PT127 Merzbow "Variations For Electric Fan" c41
PT128 Knife Attack "The Thrill of The Kill" 2xc62
PT131 Blessed Sacrifist/ Cranial Drill "We Can Only Hope" c40
PT135 Knife Attack "Kill For The Thrill" c45
PT137 Gnawed "Devolve" c24
PT138 Brandkommando" NOW!" c56 
PT142 Heart of the Whore "Life of Vapor" 2xc30
PT144 Wilt+Marax+Goose "Harshfields" c90 
PT146 Disgust/ Gnawed/ Nyodene D/ RU-486 2xc10
PT147 Baculum "Ink Fetish" c10 

PT153 Richard Ramirez & Red Hook "The Atrocity Bible" c60
PT154 The Haters "Multiprotocol Lexicon Switching"  c20
PT177 En Nihil "Crimes" double A-sided c60