Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 Phage Tapes

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PT:170 Breathing Signal/ Nguyen Hong Giang c30
Breathing Signal is a project that for a while lived in the same city as Phage Tapes so I got to see him play live a handful of times.  He always mixed things up and played a range of harsh and synth based sets.  The Breathing Signal tracks on this release are mainly murky layered synth jams.  Kind of reminds me of some sci fi soundtracks. 
Nguyen Hong Giang is a Vietnamese artists who has also gone under the monikers Writher and is in the band Time Keeper.  NHGs side is much more of an assault than side A with tracks of full on harsh noise.  The first of his tracks is a layered slow moving track of what sounds like metal abuse and machine sounds where as the second track feels like it has a japanoise influence similar government alpha.    

Edition of 100 copies.

PT:211 Cannibal Ritual/ Dead Body Collection 2xc60
Two now defunct HNW projects giving up more thick wall material.  The Cannibal Ritual tape is odd sounding compressed wall while Dead Body Collection offers up some traditional loud as hell crunch wall noise.  I still love to listen to HNW now and again so these tapes satiate my needs just fine. 

Edition of 75 copies in butterfly Norelco cases.

PT:218 Pyrox “Strain” C40
Pyrox is a project of Alan Bloor AKA Knurl.  Strain has less movement than most Knurl releases but has the same unrelenting metal sounds Bloor is known for using.  The tones on Strain are thick and fairly layered harsh wall with undertones of movement similar to the cassette recently released by New Forces.

Edition of 100 copies.

PT:220 POTR/ Baculum “Live” c20
Two live sets recorded in Minneapolis.  Neither are good but this tape is free so shut up. 

PT:221 Ahlzdeveloper CD
Ahlzdeveloper is a collab of two American cut up artists Ahlzagailzehguh and Developer.  This CD is a collection of previously released tracks of extreme cut up harsh noise.  Contains tracks from the cassette on Factotum, cassette on Collapsed Hole, Cut Up America comp and Summer Scum 2014 comp.  This shit will give you anxiety.

Edition of 500 copies and remastered for CD by Grant Richardson. 

PT:223 AMK “Redacted” 2xc10
New cassettes from the long time noise master behind Banned Production.  Four tracks of sounds that verge on harshness with the use of loops, field recordings and record manipulations. AMK shows a heavy focus on textures and layering.  
Concept conceived by the man himself. 

Edition of 75 copies in butterfly Norelco cases.
**Be careful opening the case cuz im not replacing a bunch of broken shit. 

PT:225 Bridges of  Konigsberg “The Lawrence Tapes” c40
Trio of Peter J Woods, David Collins and Chris Burns.  BoK is a noise project using a lot of glitchy electronics and what sounds like field recordings of scraping metal.  Reminds me of the Due Process LP.  Its not exactly harsh but its not ambient either.  Lots of jarring tones the fade in and out with electonic humming keeping it all together.  Very well composed with a high use or restraint to keep emotions tense during the entirety of the 40 minute cassette. 

Edition of 100 copies. 

Up next time: Nervous Corps 2xcs, Hanzo Hasashi c40, Swollen Organs c30, AMK 4xc10, POTR c60, Black Scorpio Underground c20 and hopefully a few more. 

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