Saturday, December 15, 2012

Murderous Vision CD


PT:202 Murderous Vision "Black Hellebore - A Quiver of Arrows"

Murderous Vision has been creating dark ambient and power electronics tracks since the late 90's with most releases on his label Live Bait Recordings Foundation.

Black Hellebore contains 6 new tracks plus "Horned Beast of Golgotha" which was previously released on the split cassette with Nyodene D titled Kirkebrennan.  The bulk of the material on this album is well composed atmospheric dark ambient tracks with obvious industrial influence.  Almost half of the tracks have vocals, which range from a spoken word style to heavily distorted power electronics influenced screaming.  

The album was mastered by John Stillings and contains contributions by Amanda Howland, Wyatt Howland, Richard Pflueger, Cunting Daughters, Michael James, Tym Flemming, N Brewer and Aaron Vilk.

The CD is in an edition of 500 copies in jewel case. The price is 10$ in NA an 12$ worldwide.

check out the samples on the sound sample tab


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