Friday, August 31, 2012

Developer, Custodian, Pusdrainer, Death Jenk, Astro, Winters in Osaka and mesh hat

PT:188 Developer c20 + c22
Matt Ries has been producing harsh noise as Developer for a few years now.  The sound and method has been evolving but has been consistently well thought out and executed with precision.  This release is no different containing field recordings and lots of cut ups.

PT:196 Custodian / Pusdrainer 7”
Custodian starts things off with his usual brand of loop heavy, stop on a dime,industrial harsh noise. "Situation In Distress" sees the project packing as much of a punch into five minutes as past longer running releases. The second ever vinyl release following last years split 12" with Mania. Pusdrainer takes side B with "Not Another Second", A blistering feedback drenched power electronics assault that marks the projects' return to the PE style after a string of releases exploring primitive harsh noise and lurching low end synth slime.
Features artwork by Luke Tandy of Being/Skeleton Dust. Mastered by ZZ of Persistence In Mourning.
Co - released with Dead Pope (

PT:198 Astro and Winter in Osaka  “Reverberating Forest” CD
The audio is what you would expect from this monster of a collab. Jennings, Finklea, Chami, Lippoldt and Hasegawa created one long slowly moving track of layered noises. The track starts out with ambient synth textures with drone guitars and evolves into a thick harsh assault on the senses with tape loops and broken electronics.
Co-released with Dismantle Records (

PT:169 Death Jenk CD
Death Jenk was formed after the Gnawed, Custodian and Grain Belt tour in 2010 when all 5 dudes had a chance to play together in Milwaukee.  This disc contains two studio tracks and two live tracks recorded in 2010 and 2011.  The material is a mix of the three projects with Custodian cutting channels in and out while adding loops, Gnawed provides vocals along with some low end reverb produced from his metal crate and Grain Belt produces their usual metal abuse with tons of feedback.   

FUCK ART MAKE NOISE mesh trucker hat
In the 90’s I was completely obsessed with the Ministry VHS “In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up”.  In the video Nivek Ogre (the singer to Skinny Puppy) was wearing a shirt that was made for a pre-Chemlab band called Furnace that read “Fuck Art Lets Kill”.  This is the noise version of that brilliant saying.

each of the releases are 10$ in NA and 12$ worldwide
get all 4 releases for 32$ in NA and 40$ worldwide

the mesh hat is 15$ in NA and 17$ worldwide


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