Friday, May 11, 2012

BSBC+PHT, DSM, Cut Up Comp

PT:166 Engines of Modern Dysfunction Vol 1 7” compilation
Edition of 300 copies.

The first in a series of 7” compilation designed for people with short attention spans.  All 7 artists provide cut up noise tracks using a range of techniques such as quickly shifting layers, silent cuts, short loops and lots of hard panning.   Spins at 45 rpm to allow for maximum frequency abuse. 

Artists on Vol 1 are Facialmess, John Wiese, Chrysalis + Agit8, K2, A Fail Association, Ahlzagailzehguh and Baculum

PT:178 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe “Hapax (legomenon)” CD
Edition of 500 copies in jewel case.

Hapax contains three long tracks that are re-compositions of live recordings made between 2003-2011 in a variety of European cities.  The material is best thought of as field recordings of art instillations.  The sounds heard are generated by an assortment of everyday objects manipulated by electric motors or applied mechanics.  The sounds are then amplified for the observer to experience.  

PT:184 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + Pig Heart Transplant CD
Edition of 500 copies in jewel case.

Collaboration disc between these two bleak as fuck projects.  The album contains 5 untitled tracks of dark oppressive atmosphere with a health dose of vocals and some well placed drumming.   Don’t know how much needs to said about this disc.  The projects involved speak for themselves but check out the samples anyway. 
Cover art by FEEDING
BSBC was Rage and Reed
PHT was Alston, Kortland, Schmidt, Ward and Wilkinson

Sample for the CDs are on the Sound Sample tab 

Prices (listed as NA/ World):
Engines of Modern Dysfunction 10$/12$
DSM 11$/ 13$
BSBC+PHT 11$/13$

Both CDs 18$/ 22$
All three 25$/ 31$

For a short period of time the following can be added to any order of the new releases for no additional shipping charge.
The Kali Ensemble CD 6.50$
Endo + Kubota CD 6.50$
Richard Ramirez/ Black Leather Jesus CD 6.50$
K2 “Abdominal Electricity” CD 6.50$
Barrikad “We Make Nihilists Smile Again” CD 6.50$
John Wiese “Mixed Metaphor b/w Into a Bad Way” 7” 5.50$
Priest in Shit “Icon/ Effigy” 7” 5.50$


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