Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pharmakon / Deterge split 7"


Pharmakon / Deterge “.-- .- -. –“ 7”

FUC 50 PT:162

Two sides of bleak power electronics totaling at roughly 11 minutes.

Jacket is a two color screen print designed by Jim Haras and includes a double sided insert.

Pharmakon is the solo power electronics project of Margaret Chardiet. She has previous releases on Bloodlust!, Callow God and Three Songs of Lenin. She lives at the Red Light District were projects like Yellow Tears, Haflings and Cathode Terror Secretion spend a lot of time so if you aren’t completely familiar with her work you can get an idea of some of her influences.

Deterge is a newer alias of Jim Haras that has evolved into a dynamic power electronics project utilizing thick harsh noise, synth and creepy vocals. This recording focuses on degenerate fetishism of strange objects or ideas.

Listen to samples in the Sound Sample tab.


10$ ppd in NA

13$ ppd worldwide


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